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Nalam Ayushcare Treatment Center is the premier Ayushcare in Thiruvannamalai. We offer the highest quality acupuncture treatments in a luxurious and relaxed setting. Having five years experience in the field of acupuncture therapy , Acupressure and other alternative medical therapy. So far we have treated more than five thousand peoples for various diseases.

Nalam Ayushcare is an alternative medicine that treats patients by insertion of needles in the body. Its proponents variously claim that it relieves pain, treats infertility, treats disease, prevents disease, promotes general health, or can be used for therapeutic purposes.Acupuncture typically incorporates traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as an integral part of its practice and theory. Our Acupuncture Clinic is a center for traditional treatment. The motto of the clinic is "Permanent rapid cure without any side effects.


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Foot Reflexology

Sujok Therapy


Electro Homoeopathy

Full Body Alignment



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