Do you have dark spots or pigmentation marks on your face that don’t seem to fade away? Do you constantly worry about these dark spots and find yourself covering them with make-up every time you head out? If you relate well with these situations, then it’s time to understand your skin better and identify a lasting solution to get rid of your dark spots.

Every problem has a root cause, and it’s essential to get to the bottom of the condition to treat it. So, let’s begin by understanding why your skin develops dark spots.

You may have heard about a natural pigment called melanin that’s present in the skin. This particular pigment is responsible for the colour of the skin, eyes, and even your hair. It’s incredible how one pigment is responsible for so much diversity in the physical appearance of people across the globe! Every single person has the same number of cells that produce melanin known as melanocytes. It’s the difference in how these cells behave that result in different coloured skin among people.

But providing the colour of our skin, eyes, and even hair isn’t the only purpose of melanin.

It also protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Whenever your skin is exposed to the sun, the melanocytes (cells that produce melanin) increase their production of melanin. And sometimes, they go into overdrive, producing more melanin than usual, resulting in dark spots.

Another problem that’s closely linked with dark spots is skin pigmentation. So, let’s understand what skin pigmentation is and how it is related to dark spots. Later in this article, we’ll explore the causes of dark spots on the face and body and list some natural remedies to get rid of dark spots. In the end, we will be looking at some preventive measures to reduce the appearance of such dark spots. Let’s get started.

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