Breasts symbolize femininity and form a significant part of the esthetic and beauty of a woman. Having a good pair of breasts add to their self-confidence and esteem significantly. It is essential from a health point of view as well. Inversely, sagging breasts can have precisely the opposite effects. It can have damaging severe implications on the looks as well as the psychology of a woman. Unfortunately, sometimes sagging of breasts cannot be controlled as it is a result of old age. As time goes by, the elasticity and suppleness of the breasts are lost.

You may be under the impression that only surgical intervention can help to combat sagging breasts, but it is not entirely true. Quite a few ayurvedic methods are using appropriate ingredients and concoctions that can help to achieve the same and reverse the effects of sagging breasts. You can gain back your lost confidence by doing so and approach life with much-needed vigor. A detailed description of these ayurvedic ways is given below.

Causes of sagging breasts

Before going further into the discussion of ways to reverse sagging breasts, a look into the causes of it will help to clear the perspective better. Like mentioned before, old age is one of the most important reasons, but other factors are like

  • Menopause
  • Deficiency in the female hormone estrogen
  • Mental stress, either personal or work-related
  • Deficiency in collagen
  • Overweight
  • Chronic smoking
  • Pregnancies, and Lactation
  • Genetic also add to the loss of tone.
  • Last but not least, Old age.

Even not providing the correct form of support to the breasts and wearing the wrong size bra have a negative impact. It generally results in the accumulation of fatty and muscular tissue around the area of the breasts, which leads to it hanging. Since the causes of it are many, reversing the effects immediately might take some time as each one of them has to be addressed. Ayurveda can achieve it through the use of several herbs and oils.